Monday, November 23, 2009

When You Hear the Word "CHRISTIAN" What Comes to Mind?

Thank you for participating in this poll.

Here are the results:

Majority of you said, "Christians" are KIND

In 2nd place, by only one vote, was a three-way tie: HYPOCRITE, LOVING, and FORGIVING.

Thank you for participating!  Was this eye-opening?  It was for me.



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christian said...

wow, fellow Christian here. I guess we get a passing grade barely. its sad that hypocrsy is attached to our name

Anonymous said...

Look at the Christian leaders in our nation and on tv. No wonder Christians are viewed as hypocrites!

Heart Like Jesus said...

We need to do a better job in loving people. Leaving the judging and condemnation behind and extend love and forgiveness.

I don't like the reality that we are viewed as hypocrites. We need to do a better job with honest living and sharing the fact that we make mistakes and have problems we are working through as well. Not hiding them and playing pretend.