Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Was Wonderful!

My family has a tradition.  My daughter and I woke up early to bake a chocolate birthday cake.  She then frosted the cake with chocolate frosting.  Our two lil' boys helped with putting sprinkles on the cake.  I think they ate half the sprinkles instead of putting it on the cake.  After the cake was completely decorated, my wife put one candle in the center to celebrate Jesus' birthday.  We sang happy birthday to Jesus.  Everyone gets really excited- it the only time of year everyone is allowed to have chocolate cake for breakfast!

This year, I did something a bit different.  We went around the table answering this question, "What is the one gift you are thankful for God giving you?"  It is private, but the response was precious.  Everyone's response made me really reflect on the fact that "Christmas" shouldn't be once a year... it should be all year round.  Even deeper, we need to remember daily the gifts God gives us and how He continues to bless us and "Wow" us with His generosity.

The best gift I received this year was sitting around the kitchen table with my famiily as guests to Jesus' birthday party. 

What a wonderful celebration it was!

"The best gifts are those unseen and given without a price tag." ~ HLJ

May you share Peace, Love and Hope all year round.



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