Friday, January 1, 2010

How Are YOU Living the Minutes of Your Life?

525,600 minutes in the year.
How will YOU be using them?
Time is counting down...

What was 2009 like for you? If we are all honest with ourselves and took inventory of our lives, we will come up with several "mistakes" we've made. What areas of your life do you need to change?
  • Your marriage. Is it holding on by a thread of mercy? It's time to re-new your vows and start fighting for it. Do whatever it takes to gain it back.
  • Your boyfriend or girlfriend. Are you in a bad relationship? feeling used and tossed away? Stop settling for just anybody. Start asking for God's best for your life.
  • Your addictions. Does it have a lethal hold on your life? Take the right steps in conquering your addictions. Get the help you need. You deserve better!
  • Your finances. Do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? Get the counsel you need to budget better. Seek advice from successful people and don't be afraid to ask for help.
  • Your battered heart. Is there pain from your past? Feeling unloved, abused and broken. It may be time to forgive those that hurt you and start forgiving yourself. Try to let go and start a new life- boy, it's not easy but it is freeing once you do. Get connected to a Church or a small group.

Let 2009 be the "GOOD RIDDANCE!" Year.  It's time you rid all the garbage and "dead-weight" in your life.

Make a list. Release all the past pain and regrets with every word you write and with every thought that enters your mind. Talk it over with yourself and with God. Release all your mistakes, all your pains, and all your regrets.

The Bible says in Psalm 116:16 "... you have freed me from my chains."

Tear it up! (For a better effect, burn it!)  Yell out loud, "GOOD RIDDANCE!" Promise yourself that you will do whatever it takes to be successful in finding healing for your life. Find professionals, seek counseling, and surround yourself around people who truly want to see you succeed.

Make a pledge to yourself that God wants more of you and He will give you a new life.
"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)

How Are YOU Living the Minutes of Your Life? . . .

** Many of you have shared some deep issues you are consciously getting rid of in you life.

THANK YOU for being brave and sharing your story with us.  We are praying with you!

Have a "GOOD RIDDANCE!" Story? Please share them with us.



Twitterz said...

I really enjoy your tweets and I really like your blog.I one thing I need to give up is my past hurts

Heart Like Jesus said...

Thank you for the kind words about the tweets and blog :)

I especially appreciate your pledge to seek healing from your past hurts!

I'm praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I have a addiction that Ive been fightin for several years. I have hurt me and others I want to stop this addiction and change.

Heart Like Jesus said...

The pain of addictions. It takes courage to admit that you are hurting yourself and others. I will pray for strength as you pursue freedom from your addiction.

Thank you for sharing.

trying2live said...

I also have an addiction in my life. It has a strong hold on me. I am making a promise to try my best to break this habit. Its really hard.Everyone pray for me.

Heart Like Jesus said...


I will be praying for you. Your message is inspiring in that you are hungry to make the changes you need to begin a healthy life. Be strong!

frazzzled said...

I would like to share that I have past abuse from my family. It's been a tough road of 20some years. I know I need to forgive them and even BIGGER start to forgive myself because none of its my fault. It was out of my control. I want to learn to be brave and start forgiving and start healing because I deserve way more than what I've been giving myself.

Heart Like Jesus said...


There is much wisdom in what you shared. You cannot control what others have done. You however can control your present and future healing- through God's power.

I can sense the grief in what you wrote. I pray that God will give you the strength and bravery to find restoration in your life.

I'm praying for you.

Heart Like Jesus said...

So many of you have a "GOOD RIDDANCE!" story. Share them knowing that people are praying with you.

I want to thank you for the courage to come out and say, "NO MORE!" I will not allow my pains, my addictions, my poor choices control the destiny God has for me!

You deserve better and God wants to give you so much more.

Please continue to share your "GOOD RIDDANCE!" Pledge.


Rajeev said...

Thanx for the great Words of inspiration.You are truly a blessing to others.are u on facebook,add me as friendon FB Rajeev Paul ''reachjesus777"

Heart Like Jesus said...


I am not on Facebook yet. I guess that will be the next avenue of reaching people with God's love :)

Thanks for your kind words!


Ring said...

Times are bad. I need help. I could use prayer from everyone for my bad habits. I want to brake the cycle. Thnx

Heart Like Jesus said...


I can hear the desperation in what you wrote. I pray that you find Peace in Jesus as you work through your habits.

I am sure it won't be easy, but the end result will be very rewarding!

You are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life not only last year but for many years... poor choices I guess. I need help to get out of my money situation and do a better job with making smarter choices in my life I need a new beginning and I am starting today

Heart Like Jesus said...

It is great that you recognize the cycle of poor decisions you've made financially in your life- and wanting to do something to change it!

Continue to seek professional help for your finances. Dave Rampsey's resources has been very helpful to me in understanding my spending habits and how do budget practically.

I will be praying for your health and that your financial burdens will be lifted.

Tickler said...

I realize from the "spirit" of your tweets that they are not empty words, but from your heart. This is my realization even when you are quoting someone. So I wanted to see you blog. I must say, I love your blog. Will return to continue my reading. If one has been through nothing s/he cannot minister to anything in another person's life.!! Keep on working for the Kingdom!!