Thursday, August 28, 2008

"What's Your Excuse" - Greg Laurie

We have been fooled into thinking that telling a 'white lie' or a 'fancy lie' is okay. We aren't harming anyone, right? How often we think, "I'm not really lying, I am just telling a small story to get out of a circumstance or to avoid conflict."

Integrity and honesty is missing in our society today. Somewhere along the way we have been told it's not okay to voice the Truth. It's easy to use a 'fancy lie' or excuse rather than choose a side- at the risk of offending someone's stance on politicial or social matters. We need to stand up and be bold about telling the truth with discernment.

Take an opportunity to listen to the message from Matthew 22. From the Knowing God Series, Pastor Greg Laurie shares how lying pulls us further away from God and breaks our relationship with Him.

Come watch this funny and convicting message! It's under 29 minutes. Take time to listen from God's word.


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becca said...

I am a big Greg Laurie fan! This was a great message to hear. We want to hide the truth and give excuses. But the bible says, The Truth will set you free.

Heart Like Jesus said...

Hi Becca.

It's amazing how we have become a passive society. Jesus is a loving Shephard, but the bible says He is the Lion of Judah. Jesus ALWAYS defended the truth no matter the cost.

I like the end of this clip when the celebraties were asked, "If there is a heaven what do you think God would say to you?" Their answers were both funny and alarming. Especially Robert DiNero's response!