Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's The Meaning of Christmas?

If you are unable to view the stream or if it's going too slow, go here:Watch Video
This video is humorous but very real! A Christian guy suits up as a reporter. He gets the job done with humor and boldness as he asks the question, "What's the meaning of Christmas?" at a college campus.
The vast majority of these student's answers are the truth of what people in our country believes Christmas is all about.
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David said...

Its a great video!! The reporter is a hoot. People dont have aclue about christmas. Its sad.

Mike said...

Great clip my friend. Posting it on CFM blog.

JW said...

I voted for all of them. Sad, I know. Too bad my work blocks streaming media... look forward to checking the vid at home. Peace, bro!

katie said...

Christmas is Jesus' birthday. The day God gave us hope and freedom from sin